Sauerland weekend Sept 2016

Nice ride with some friends through the Sauerland area (Germany)
20160924 091640 20160924 133600 DSC05766 DSC05768 DSC05769 DSC05771
DSC05772 DSC05773 DSC05774 DSC05775 DSC05776 DSC05777
DSC05778 DSC05779 DSC05780 DSC05781 DSC05782 DSC05783
DSC05784 DSC05785 DSC05786 DSC05787 DSC05788 DSC05789
DSC05790 DSC05791 DSC05792 DSC05793 DSC05794 DSC05797
DSC05798 DSC05799 DSC05800 DSC05803 DSC05804 DSC05806
DSC05807 DSC05808 DSC05809 DSC05810 DSC05811 DSC05812
DSC05813 DSC05815 DSC05816 DSC05817 DSC05818 DSC05820
DSC05821 DSC05822 DSC05823 DSC05824 DSC05825 DSC05826
DSC05827 DSC05828 DSC05829 DSC05830 DSC05831 DSC05832
DSC05833 DSC05834 DSC05835 DSC05836 DSC05837 DSC05838
DSC05839 DSC05840 DSC05841 DSC05842 DSC05843 DSC05844
DSC05845 DSC05846 DSC05847 DSC05849 DSC05850 DSC05851
DSC05852 DSC05853 DSC05854 DSC05855 DSC05856 DSC05857
DSC05858 DSC05859 DSC05860 DSC05861 DSC05862 DSC05863
DSC05864 DSC05865 DSC05866 DSC05867 DSC05868 DSC05869
DSC05870 DSC05871 DSC05872 DSC05873 DSC05874 DSC05875
DSC05876 DSC05877 DSC05878 DSC05879 DSC05880 DSC05881
DSC05882 DSC05883 DSC05884 DSC05885 DSC05886 DSC05887
DSC05888 DSC05889 DSC05890 DSC05891 DSC05892 DSC05893
DSC05894 DSC05895 DSC05896 DSC05897 DSC05898 DSC05899
DSC05900 DSC05901 DSC05904 DSC05906 DSC05907 DSC05908
DSC05909 DSC05910 DSC05911 DSC05912 DSC05913 DSC05914
DSC05915 DSC05917 DSC05921 DSC05922 DSC05923 DSC05926
DSC05927 DSC05928 DSC05929 DSC05931 DSC05932 DSC05933
DSC05934 DSC05935 DSC05936 DSC05937 IMG-20160924-WA0063 DSC05938
DSC05939 DSC05940 DSC05941 DSC05942 DSC05943 DSC05944
DSC05945 DSC05946 DSC05950 DSC05951 DSC05952 DSC05953
DSC05954 DSC05956 DSC05957 DSC05958 DSC05959 DSC05960
DSC05961 DSC05962 DSC05963 20160925 085703 20160924 133605 20160924 133429
20160923 191725 20160924 133538 20160924 133604 20160924 123157 20160923 203931 20160923 201218
20160924 123137 DSC00084 20160923 200944 20160923 201105 20160924 133424 20160923 200914
20160924 123136 20160924 180522 20160924 133601 20160923 093140 IMG-20160924-WA0058 IMG-20160924-WA0047